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Meadow Park Academy

Where learning takes root and imagination takes flight

Meet our Staff & Local Governors

Meet our wonderful dedicated team of staff…

Our leaders  
Headteacher: Ms S Butler
Deputy Headteacher: Miss L Atkinson
Assistant Headteacher: Mrs D Clelland
Assistant Headteacher: Mrs C Gowing
Assistant Headteacher: Miss K Hammond
Our SEN and pastoral team  
SEN Coordinator: Mrs S Podolska
Family Support Worker/ELSA: Miss S Kalogeries
HLTA/ELSA: Miss L Buckner
Teaching Assistant/ELSA: Mrs T Elarfa
Class teachers and teaching assistants  
Foundation Class Teacher: Mrs C Gowing
Foundation Class Teacher: Mrs A Narracott
Foundation Unqualified Teacher: Mrs K Smith
Teaching Assistant/Trainee Teacher: Miss S McCabe

Year 1 Class Teachers (Apple):

Mrs K Smith

Mrs L Pack

Year 1 Class Teachers (Cherry):

Mrs K Smith

SEN Teaching Assistant: Mrs S Pathak
Teaching Assistant: Mrs L Foster
Teaching Assistant: Mrs M Gingell
Apprentice Teaching Assistant: Miss A Kuklinska
Year 2 Class Teacher (Willow):

Ms C Steel

Mrs L Pack

Year 2 Class Teacher (Maple):

Miss K Hammond

Teaching Assistant: Mrs A Dibley
Teaching Assistant:

Miss D Beauvois 

Year 3 Class Teacher (Sycamore): Mrs A Curtis

Year 3 Class Teacher (Beech):

Miss K Scott

Teaching Assistant/ELSA: Mrs T Elarfa
Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Miss R Foy
Year 4 Class Teacher (Chestnut): Mr M Hancock
Year 4 Class Teacher (Elm): Miss V Waud
Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs A Hill
Teaching Assistant: Mrs D Hopgood
Teaching Assistant: Vacancy
Year 5 Class Teacher (Ash): Mr M Webb
Year 5 Class Teacher (Holly): Miss S Pomeroy
Teaching Assistant:  Mrs D Rys
Teaching Assistant: Miss E Hatchett
Year 6 Class Teacher (Oak): Mrs H Basham
Year 6 Class Teacher (Hazel): Miss E Hunter
Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Miss L Buckner
Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs W Hale
Forest School Teacher Mrs S Elliott
Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Miss C Clarke
Student Teacher: Miss C Field

Our School Office team

Operations Manager: Mr D Phillips
Admin Officer and Attendance Lead: Mrs K Gericke
Operations and SEN Administrator: Mrs S Parker
Finance Assistant: Mrs T Farmer
Receptionist: Mrs L Curtis
Caretaker: Mr S O'Brien


Our Local Governing Body

Anthem delegates certain responsibilities to a Local Governing Body (LGB) through an agreed scheme of delegation.

The purpose of the LGB is to support Anthem in implementing its core purpose of advancing education for the public benefit and to be a link to the school community while providing challenge and support at a local level.

Local Governors are appointed by Anthem Schools Trust. They serve for a term of four years and can be re-elected for a further four years to serve a maximum of eight years.

The LGB’s delegated responsibilities are sub-divided into three core functions:

  • strategic improvement
  • support and challenge
  • communication and collaboration

The current members of our local governing body are:


Name Appointed Interests Declared
Clerk to Local Governors: Mrs S Parker N/A N/A
Chair: Bob Stacey Febuary 2022 None Declared
Local Governor Beverley Grey February 2022 None Declared
Local Governor Laura Matthews October 2022

Registered Nutritionist through the Association for Nutrition, a professional body. Child is a pupil at Meadow Park Academy.

Work with Crumbs on a consultancy basis

Local Governor Tracey Birchall February 2023 None Declared

Local governors can be contacted via the main school address. You can find this on the Contact us page of this website. If you wish to contact Bob Stacey, Chair of the Local Governing Body, please email

A summary table of members’ interests and meeting attendance for the last full academic year can be found in the page attachment Register of Local Governors 2021-22.