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Meadow Park Academy

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At Meadow Park Academy, we deliver a high-quality English curriculum that gives our children the best possible opportunities to become confident, literate members of society. Our core writing curriculum is based around a wide range of quality, rich and engaging texts that underpin our Literacy Tree learning sequences. This scheme is centred around rich, diverse and inspirational books and ensures a cohesive progression of skills and knowledge across all core areas of English: reading, writing and grammar.

Each text develops a key theme, which provides the perfect opportunity for our children to explore philosophical and political concepts; to develop empathy and to think deeply. Our chosen quality texts are carefully mapped out, with themes and concepts that grow in maturity as the children do. Some develop historical knowledge of inspirational figures, while others are wordless and thought-provoking. In Key Stage 2, some of our texts are dark and mysterious – these are usually a favourite with our older children and really inspire some fantastic writing.

As part of each book study, the children will complete short burst writing that builds and enhances their understanding of grammatical concepts within a context such as a letter or diary. Each sequence of learning culminates in an extended piece of writing that is celebrated and/or published. This really makes our children feel like authors and provides motivation and excitement for writing. Teacher modelling is a key feature throughout each learning sequence, which really supports our children in learning to write in different styles for different purposes.

National Curriculum for English