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Meadow Park Academy

Where learning takes root and imagination takes flight

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At Meadow Park Academy, we provide a rich and engaging curriculum that meets the needs of the children in our community. We aim to motivate and inspire children through a curriculum that captivates and challenges all learners.

The Anthem Curriculum Intent Framework sets out six "pillars" which are hallmarks of an Anthem curriculum. These underpin the curriculum intent in our school. 

Our curriculum is carefully designed to deepen knowledge and develop skills, ensuring effective progression within each subject and across all year groups. Our values of being 'Motivated, Proud and Aspirational', alongside our curriculum enhancers, are at the heart of all that we do. The needs of our children have guided our selection of topics to provide them with a richer knowledge and understanding of the world they live in.

We follow National Curriculum guidance and beyond to ensure that this underpins all curriculum design and provision and is then adapted to suit the needs of our community. We aim for every student to leave us as a more rounded and knowledgeable individual; ready to be part of wider society. We understand that we need to nurture the ‘whole child’, and as such we have designed our curriculum to enhance their knowledge and skills within and beyond the classroom. 

At Meadow Park Academy, learning is organised into three phases:

  • Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS): Ages 4 – 5 (Reception)
  • Key Stage 1: Ages 5 – 7 (Years 1 and 2)
  • Key Stage 2: Ages 7 – 11 (Years 3 – 6)

We follow the Development Matters Framework in EYFS and the National Curriculum in KS1 and KS2. Areas of learning and development included in each phase are described below. All schools are also required to teach religious education.

We further enrich our curriculum through exciting learning experiences, workshops and trips.

Our school curriculum is designed to be active, hands-on and memorable. The focus is squarely on learning but learning in a way that is enjoyable and driven by the interests of the pupils.

There are three key enhancers in our curriculum. These form the foundations of our curriculum and permeate all aspects of school:

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

We encourage our children to value both their mental and physical well-being. We promote resilience, healthy living and active learning within and beyond the classroom. We work with professional PE coaches and have an Outdoor Learning Teacher to enhance our children's experience of learning through play, exploration, and hands-on experiences. Here our children develop confidence and self-esteem, whilst learning to take risks, and assess risks. 

Creative Communication

Nationally, there is evidence of a "vocabulary gap" between children on-entry to school. In order to close this gap and to promote a love of reading and writing, we provide a word-rich environment, with a focus on keywords in all subjects, so that children can develop their use of language and increase their vocabulary. We plan for a range of opportunities for our children to communicate for different creative purposes; including climate change marches, filming wildlife documentaries and much more.

Our World, Our Community, Our Future!

We prepare our children to be responsible, conscientious and active members of our school community, as well as within the wider community. This is achieved through the work of our school council, supporting local charities and community events. Our Creative Curriculum topics support a growing understanding of the world they live in. We teach them the impact they can have on it both positive and negative, through studying important issues such as climate change and racial equality.