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Meadow Park Academy

Where learning takes root and imagination takes flight

Proud to be part of

Meet our staff

Meet our wonderful dedicated team of staff…

Our leaders  
Headteacher: Ms S Butler
Deputy Headteacher: Miss L Atkinson
Assistant Headteacher: Mrs D Clelland
Assistant Headteacher: Mrs C Gowing
Assistant Headteacher: Miss K Hammond
Our SEN and pastoral team  
SEN Coordinator: Mrs S Podolska
Family Support Worker/ELSA: Miss S Kalogeries
HLTA/ELSA: Miss L Buckner
Teaching Assistant/ELSA: Mrs T Elarfa
Teaching Assistant: Mrs D Hopgood
Teaching Assistant: Mrs L Foster
Class teachers and teaching assistants  
Foundation Class Teacher: Mrs C Gowing
Foundation Class Teacher: Mrs J Stainthorp
Early Years Practitioner: Miss A Reid
Apprentice Teaching Assistant: Miss A Kuklinska

Year 1 Class Teachers (Apple):

Miss L Johnson

Year 1 Class Teachers (Cherry):

Mrs K Smith

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs A Hill
Teaching Assistant: Mrs M Gingell
Year 2 Class Teacher (Willow):

Mr S Young

Year 2 Class Teacher (Maple):

Miss K Hammond

Teaching Assistant: Mrs A Dibley
Teaching Assistant:

Miss D Beauvois 

Key Stage 1 Teacher: Mrs L Pack
Year 3 Class Teacher (Sycamore): Miss A Kelly

Year 3 Class Teacher (Beech):

Miss K Scott

Teaching Assistant/ELSA: Mrs T Elarfa
Year 4 Class Teacher (Chestnut): Mr M Hancock
Year 4 Class Teacher (Elm): Miss C Steel
Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Miss L Buckner
Year 5 Class Teacher (Ash): Mr M Webb
Year 5 Class Teacher (Holly): Miss S Pomeroy
Higher Level Teaching Assistant:  Mrs W Hale
Year 6 Class Teacher (Oak): Mrs H Basham
Year 6 Class Teacher (Hazel): Miss E Hunter
Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Miss R Foy
Teaching Assistant: Mrs D Rys
Phonics Teacher Mrs A Narracott
Outdoor Learning Teacher Mrs S Elliott
Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Miss C Clarke
Student Teacher: Miss E Hatchett
Student Teacher: Miss S McCabe

Our School Office and Lunchtime teams

Regional Operations Manager: Mr D Phillips
Admin Officer and Attendance Lead: Mrs K Gericke
Operations and SEN Administrator: Mrs S Parker
Finance Assistant: Mrs T Farmer
Receptionist: Mrs L Curtis
Caretaker: Mr S O'Brien
Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs M Haroon
Lunchtime Supervisor: Miss B Newman
Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs H Khan