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Meadow Park Academy

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Letter from the Headteacher

Dear Meadow Park Community

I write this with very mixed feelings about our future arrangements for the school.  Whilst I am relieved that actions are being taken to ensure families and children are practicing social distancing and self-isolation in order to stay safe, I am also saddened that the school will not be operating as usual.  I speak for all the staff when I say that we will miss the children and will be thinking about them throughout this difficult period.  Meadow Park Academy will be open for children as identified by the Government and we will do what we can to make this experience a pleasant one for them.  However, we will not lose sight of the fact that our other children will be learning at home and our ability to support them will be limited, which greatly saddens us.

As a team we are committed to do all we can to support you and the children during these difficult times, but what we can actually manage to do may change from day to day, so please bear with us.  We will keep manning the school phone, so please call if you want any advice and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. 

I will be praying that this crisis passes as quickly as possible and with as few people affected as possible.  That said, whatever the issues and however long it takes, I know that this school and its community will weather the storm and come back even stronger.  We have a great staff team, amazing children and incredible families, so stay safe and well and I look forward to seeing you in the not too distant future.

Best wishes

Ms S Butler