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Meadow Park Academy

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SEND & Inclusion

Special Educational Needs (SEND) encompasses a broad-spectrum of issues including those for speech, language and communication difficulties, physical disabilities, memory and cognitions challenges and social, emotional and mental health difficulties.

We believe all children are unique and should be valued equally. As such, we are committed to adapting the curriculum to encourage engagement at the appropriate levels to ensure success. We also work closely with professionals to establish a collaborative approach to the learning process across school.

For pupils who require a personalised approach to learning, we have introduced a specialist provision known as ‘Small Gardens’. These are small groups of children who learn under the direction of the Educational Psychology Service and The Avenue Special School in Reading, to promote independence, engagement and success.

Inclusion at Meadow Park

Our Inclusion Team supports not only the co-ordination of SEND across the school, but the social, emotional, and mental health needs of our families. Their work is enhanced by a number of specialist practitioners, including:

A Family Support Worker — who helps families access community services and provides assistance such as financial advice and parenting support.

An Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) and A Skills Mentor who provide targeted support in small groups or in 1:1 sessions for children who need help with confidence and emotional regulation.

Please see also our SEND Policy below for further details or contact our SENDCo Mrs S Podolska via email - 

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